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The completeness of DALI's quality control system is reflected in market research, product development, parts purchasing, workshop production, marketing, product service and so on, these aspects according to the requirements of ISO9001,carried out Strictly process control . Especially "Design principles system", "Manufacturing part quality Control system", "Purchasing part quality Control system" and "similar Product quality case system" to ensure the high quality of Dali products.

Design principles system: "DALI" all products design must be strictly in accordance with the general design principles, including innovation, people-oriented principles, reliability first, modularization, rejection elements and so on, this is also the most important technical outline of Dali.
Manufacturing part quality control system: Take process sampling inspection, finished product inspection, manufacturing quality daily as the key link of the control.

Purchase part quality control system: use standard parts designated brand list, parts centralized purchase schedule, supplier evaluation, supplier management, incoming inspection and other systems to ensure the quality of purchasing parts.
Similar product quality case system: quality problems are compiled into quality cases, which can be used to extract rejection factors and employee training to prevent the recurrence of the same quality problems.