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Company Culture

Trust First Principle
To be trust to the customer , the supplier , the employee and the social . Trust is the first principle of Dali . In the meantime of producing the superior goods, Dali also manufactures the best credit and sincerity.

Strategic objectives: Using professional technical technology, innovative ideas, produce the high value-added products, realized within three years the core products are in the forefront of the industry.

Management idea: customer demand-oriented, based on quality assurance, based on quality service criteria, customer satisfaction as the standard, to increase the value for customers, speed up the realization of strategic objectives.  

Service concept: whenever and wherever, take out passion, wholeheartedly for the customer service.

Value: benevolence and create a good atmosphere, establish the mechanism of continuous innovation, the achievements of employees life value, build a harmonious DALI.

The principle of employing people: to give you the world and to soar, the world is the boundary of responsibility, power and benefit, and Dali encourages talent to carry out ideological innovation.